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  • The instinctual subtypes or variants add an extra distinction within each of the nine Enneagram personality types.

    There are two approaches to using the instincts for every kind.

    With the extra traditional strategy, each of the 9 persona sorts has three subtypes based mostly on whether an individual's main interest is in self-preservation (sp), one-to-one (sx), or social (so or soc) actions. A subtype is commonly indicated by prefixing the kind with the intuition abbreviation (e.g., for type 1, the subtypes are indicated as sp1, sx1, so1 or soc1).

    A more recent method, often known as variant stacking, orders the instincts in response to primary, secondary, and tertiary desire (e.g., an sp/sx 1 individual has a main desire for the self-preservation instinct, secondary preference for the sexual intuition and a tertiary choice for the social instinct - discover the tertiary or last choice is usually omitted from the stacking descriptor).

    Detailed Overview

    The instincts aren't represented on the Enneagram symbol itself. Traditionally they're described as survival instincts.

    They can be considered in association with Enneagram personality type (instinctual subtype) or impartial from kind (instinctual stacking, choice, or variant).

    Instinctual subtypes create three distinctions for a given sort: the self-preservation, sexual, and social subtypes. Instinctual subtyping increases the 9 Http://fear-some.com/forums/index.php?Action=profile;u=90788 original varieties to 27 instinctual subtypes (three subtypes for every kind).

    Instinctual stacking, preferences, or variants creates six distinctions for a given type: sp/sx, sp/so, sx/sp, sx/so, so/sp, and so/sx. This increases the 9 authentic sorts to fifty four instinctual variants (6 variants for each type).

    When thought of as impartial of Enneagram persona sort (instinctual stacking, preference, or variant), two individuals who desire the same instinct can be alike in ways that two people with totally different most well-liked instincts wouldn't (e.g., disregarding Enneagram kind, two folks preferring the self-preservation intuition shall be extra alike than one person preferring the self-preservation intuition and another preferring the social intuition).

    Self-Preservation (sp) Subtypes

    Beneath are widespread labels for the self-preservation subtypes. The descriptions symbolize one possible interpretation.

    Sexual (sx) Subtypes

    Below are common labels for the sexual subtypes. The descriptions symbolize one possible interpretation.

    Social (so) Subtypes

    Beneath are widespread labels for the social subtypes. The descriptions characterize one possible interpretation.

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